We are in a beautiful location in Staatsburgh, NY. Misfit Farm is an intimate, full-service, family-run equestrian facility. We offer lessons, trail rides, boarding, leasing, and training.

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About Misfit Farm

We offer comprehensive training in natural horsemanship, and trusted schooling methods for both horse and rider, as well as safe and comfortable boarding, horse training/starting and leasing of our trusty mounts.

We are 100% dedicated to people and animals, both of whom are here to grow and learn from each other in a respectful and fulfilling environment. Misfit farm is family owned and operated, and quirky and different as our name suggests. We have learned from experience that this is a good thing, and we strive to foster deep relationships  between horse and rider from the greenest equine to the most experienced equestrian and vice versa.  Whether you’re here for one day or for a lifetime, you will be warmly welcomed into the Misfit family. Everyone finds a place at our stable, and we pride ourselves on teaching the fundamentals of hands-on horsemanship (and horsewomanship) and riding, from the ground up, in a relaxed, non-judgmental, supportive, and comfortable environment.

Riders and non-riders are welcomed with open arms, and regardless of your experience-level, all are accommodated to ensure that each rider’s goals are achieved in a supportive, fun, and effective way.

We invite you to ride, reconnect and decompress in the midst of the beautiful countryside.

About The Facility

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  • The main barn features 8 indoor stalls with comfortable, dust-free bedding.

  • Misfit has 20 acres of well-fenced and well-maintained pasture and turnouts with shelters.

  • Shaded cross-ties for tacking up and untacking, a gravel wash stall for baths.

  • Hot and cold running hose water for bath-time.

  • Large fenced arena with excellent sand-mix footing and plenty of jumps.

  • 700 miles of carefully maintained trails to explore on horseback.

  • “Mini-Eventing” practice field with plenty of starter fences to try your hand at field jumping, or fine-tune your skills.

  • We feature two tack rooms for students and boarders alike.

  • We feature WiFi access for those who need to connect even while disconnecting.

  • Hard helmets and other safety gear are provided to trail riders and lesson/schooling riding students. Helmets are mandatory while mounted, whether in the ring or the field.

  • Schooling tack of all kinds, to fit every horse and rider.

  • Outdoor jacuzzi to help with sore muscles and allow you to completely relax with an incredible view overlooking our pond and pasture. The hot tub is available year round.

  • *** $10 charge for a 20-30 min relaxing soak. **** Guest towels and bathing suits available

* Boarders, lessees,  regular riders, students - ask us about renting additional  tack room space! ($20 per month for your very own tack trunk.)

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About Owner & Master Trainer Bridget McNulty

Bridget McNulty has pretty much been on a horse her whole life. She was born in Florida and raised in New York State. The owner and chief instructor at Misfit Farm, she is the stable’s master trainer, an extraordinarily talented equestrienne in her own right, whose gentle way with rescued horses has earned her a very special place in the local equine community. She is known for working “miracles” with both horse and rider, but she would certainly argue that this is just dedication, patience, hard work, growth, partnership, and common sense.

With an uncanny ability to bring along brand new riders in record time, molding even inexperienced adults into excellent and competent horse people in record speed, you are sure to learn and grow as a rider at Misfit Farm, no matter your skill-level. With her focus on natural horsemanship, she believes strongly in the seamless and fearless union between horse and rider both on and off the ground, and she fosters this in her all of her students, both human and equine. She is also a registered nurse and her intimate knowledge of human and equine anatomy and behavior gives her incredible insight with her students and the horses they love. She founded the working family farm as a place where all would be welcome, and her gregarious nature and keen animal smarts have kept the place true to it’s mission and values since 2004. She has a true passion for learning, and is an incredibly thoughtful and skillful trainer, masterfully tailoring her lessons to each horse and rider. Above all she is a lover of animals of all kinds and a great communicator - gentling along even in the most difficult animals - “hopeless” rescue cases and horses others have written off, transforming them into stable, happy, useful and well-rounded horses. She is known for recognizing potential, for plucking horses from a lifetime of hardship and distress and folding them into her family, creating happy, calm, willing horses who reach their full potential under her watchful eye. An expert horse trainer, she is known for bringing along foals from the ground up, molding and creating fantastic horses from day one.

Misfit Farm was founded as the “place where everyone finds a place” a non-ostentatious, truly inclusive place, and Bridget is the heart and soul of the operation, ensuring the personality of the place remains intact, never sacrificing the essence and core character of the stable, and acting as committed “den mother”, teacher and confident to all of the people and animals. Misfit farm is a home for creatures and people of all kinds. This alliance between humans and animals coupled with a low-key attitude has always been and will continue to make this a very special place indeed.


Our Training Philosophy - For Horses & Humans

We teach world-class equestrian and horsemanship skills in a relaxed, fun, family environment. We believe that kinship and kindness are the cornerstones of a rich, happy, and healthy equestrian experience. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of both horse and rider through the principles and practice of natural horsemanship without fear - challenging and rewarding the character of each horse and rider without self confidence and insight. We believe in a team approach to horsemanship, whether mounted or on the ground, and we have years of experience with our gentle approach - and the results in both horse and rider to show for it. We will work with you and your four-legged friend to create a lifelong bond of trust and to grow your relationship into a true partnership. We are not “screamers”, we are welcoming, we are warm, and fun, and we foster an environment of relaxed learning for all who join us at Misfit Farm.

Training & Barn Staff

We also have several part-time trainers on staff, available to give lessons to students of all skill levels.

Jena has been riding since she was 6 years old, and still uses the techniques she learned studying with Buck Brannaman (“before he was Buck Brannaman”) in her everyday interactions with horses and their people. A new addition to Misfit Farm, she teaches English (flat and jumping) and dressage riding lessons as well as groundwork/natural horsemanship to adults and teenagers. She is known for her lungeline "torture" techniques, which she swears her students really enjoy.

Shane has been with Misfit Farm literally since he was born, and has a wide range of riding and teaching experience from Hunter Jumpers to Western Pleasure. He is a consummate horse trainer, and the horses he’s raised are known for their stability and calm and happy dispositions. Shane sometimes leads our trailrides, and his expertise as a farrier informs his deep knowledge of gait, soundness and anatomy and movement of the horse.

Bryanna, our Apprentice Trainer is truly learning by doing at Misfit Farm. She assists with guiding trailrides, barn management, training youngsters and can often be seen observing riding lessons. Her natural ability as an equestrienne and her gregarious nature make her a fantastic addition to the Misfit Team.