Introducing the motley crew of fun, dedicated, talented people who make up Misfit Farm. Come and meet us in person!



Anna rides, helps out on the farm and plays the guitar. She helped to rehabilitate her horse Lakota, who is now a wonderful field hunter. She has been riding at Misfit Farm for 6 years.



Bridget has been in the saddle since she was 4 years old. (Different saddles of course.) Her horses are her therapy, she takes pride in rehabilitating and rescuing animals providing them and enjoyment of every minute of their second life. She is the owner of Misfit Farm and the farm's trainer to humans and horses alike.




Shane McNulty grew up on the horse farm and has been riding since he was 7 years old. He likes to take small electronics apart (and put them back together), and in his spare time he designs and creates amazing metalworks and leather jewelry. He is Misfit Farm’s resident farrier, and loves ironworking. He would prefer to live full time in a teepee.




Stephen holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is a martial arts instructor, avid longboarder and trigonometry wiz. He appreciates horses, but likes to keep his feet on the ground.