The Animals that make the farm their home are the heart and soul of Misfit. Meet our wonderful four-legged friends below, and join us at Misfit Farm to meet them in person!



Hi. I’m Gershwin. Sometimes they call me “The Bigin”, because I have lips bigger than Mick Jagger. I don’t exactly know what that means. When I came here I was terrified of people, and also sometimes even my own shadow. Now, after lots of love and hard work I’m just a big mush who loves big hugs, and I’m really proud of all the progress I’ve made.



Hello there. My name is Tango, and frankly, I take “‘tude” to the max. I’m a Southern Gentlemen, a Louisiana bayou boy who still likes to eat seaweed out of the pond. You can take the horse out of the bayou...The Hudson Valley scenery is a beautiful substitute.



Coco De Bean

Hey guys, I’m Coco. I was Shane's first hunt pony, many years ago (though it feels like yesterday). Now, at 28 years old I still sometimes think I’m on the track. Once upon a time, I was very distrusting of people and other horses, but now I know who my friends are, both human and equine. Columbia has been my very best friend for 12 years, we really are a dynamic duo and we take good care of each other.




Hi, I’m Columbia. I know I really don’t look it, but I am a happy and healthy 32 year old Thoroughbred! I was rescued 23 years ago and have been here every since. I love my home, especially swimming in the pond. Bridget says that I am her heart, her soul and her best buddy - and the feeling is mutual. I still love going on trail rides, and trying to teach the younger horses some manners. My “day job” is to care for the youngest equestrians, the 4-10 year old humans who learn to ride on me. My best friend is Coco and we really enjoy hanging out together - chatting about the good old days and planning for tomorrow.




Well hello there. My name is Romeo, and I’m a hunky, husky American Paint, and Bryanna is my person. She’s very proud of me and says I’m very handsome, even though my hygiene habits have earned me the nickname “Pig Pen”. It’s really not my fault. I am a true connoisseur of mud puddles and never met a mess I didn’t love.


Pinball Wizard

Hi there. I’m a home-grown stallion with excellent manners. They tell me that I am an “absolute pleasure to handle” which makes me very proud of myself. Shane is my person and everybody says he’s done a great job with me. I’m also the proud father of Stella Luna and Bibi, and I really do enjoy my life here. Watching my daughters grow into a beautiful horses is an honor.