We pride ourselves on attentive, healthy and conscientious boarding, and we cater to each horse’s individual needs, from the youngest to the oldest. 




We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor boarding options as well as add-ons for your horse. Since we’re a family-run stable and live on the property, our boarders enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is always a knowledgable, responsible human on the premises.


Board Features & Options

Available to our boarders:


We offer a variety of auxiliary services in addition to our base boarding options to keep you and your horse happy year-round.

  • Matted 10x12’ stalls with dust-free bedding pellets and coarse shavings.
  • Daily stall cleaning - twice per day
  • Daily turnout
  • Daily feeding - 2, 3 or 4 times per day
  • Hay available 24/7
  • 2-6 acre turnout paddocks (various shelters and run-ins available)
  • Small catch paddocks (sheltered and unsheltered)
  • Electric, heated waterers in all fields
  • In-Stall fans
  • Excellent Veterinarian available 24/7
  • Farrier services
  • Winter blanketing, summer fly sheets and masks
  • Flyspray
  • Heat lamps for winter bathing
  • Hot and cold running hose water
  • Daily health check/body assessment
  • Lay up/rehab
  • Retirement
  • Clipping
  • Bathing
  • Worming & Dietary Supplements


    Full Indoor Board - $650 per month

    Stall in barn with daily turnout

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    Outdoor/Rough Board - $450 per month

    Space in pasture with shelter

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    Custom & Specialty Board Packages

    We offer a wide range of board packages for training, starting youngsters, schooling, rehab, and much more.

    Need expert training to go with your horse? Just don’t have the time to ride as often as you’d like? Does your horse just need a little extra time or schooling? Starting fresh with a youngster? Need to maintain or improve your horse’s fitness and condition? We offer an array of training/boarding options, including ground work, basic training, targeted ring work, trail riding and cross-country work, all  to benefit horse and human.

    Or, create your own board package based on you and your horse’s needs. Custom training packages available upon request. Let us know what you and your horse need and we will tailor a training plan to both of your needs and schedule.



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