Coming to ride - FAQ - What to expect and what you need to know...

Every barn is different. We want you to have the best possible experience at Misfit Farm, whether you're coming for a lesson or a trailride. Below you'll find the answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Getting to Misfit + Parking

Misfit Farm is easily accessible by train from NYC. 

For travel and parking info, please click HERE.

Booking a trailride or lesson

"How much notice do you need?"

We are a small family stable with a limited number of (totally awesome) horses. We pride ourselves on matching each rider with the very best mount for them, and on each of our riders getting individualized attention, and in order to do so we need a little time...

Extreme Trailrides & Field Lessons
All trailrides and field lessons should be booked at least 48 hours in advance. 

All lessons must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. 


"What if it’s too hot or cold to ride? What if it’s raining?"

Weather cancellations do happen - not often, but sometimes it's just plain too hot or too cold or too rainy to ride safely and comfortably. We monitor the weather closely and if we have to cancel your ride, we will give you as much advanced notice as we can and re-schedule your ride. If you're unsure, and you haven't heard from us the day of your ride, please call, text or email us prior to leaving for Misfit Farm. Don’t worry, it’ll clear up and you’ll be riding in no time!

Your first ride...

Attire, Equipment, etc.

"What do I wear to ride?"


For optimal safety, you should wear boots with a low heal (NOT high heels) to prevent your feet from slipping through the stirrups. (This can lead to injury and injuries are no fun.) Sneakers are not ideal but will be tolerated if absolutely necessary.


If you don't have breeches, jeans or other stretchy durable pants are a plus. You will be straddling a large animal and you need to be able to move around comfortably. Do NOT wear slippery pants!


Safety head gear is absolutely required at all times while mounted. If you don't have your own, we will provide you with a helmet prior to your ride.

The rest of me:

Don’t wear anything that makes too much noise. Horses can be easily spooked and wearing fabrics that make a lot of noise can cause unexpected and unpleasant results.

"It’s hot, can I wear shorts?"

No. This is neither safe nor practical, and we promise you don’t want to be faced with the saddle sores and chafing that will greet you on the other end of a ride in shorts. 

"What about riding in the summer? Isn’t it hot? Aren't there bugs?"

Whether you’re riding/schooling in the ring or going on a trail ride, we highly recommend that you bring your favorite bug spray and sunscreen! We promise, you will not regret it. 

Dress cool and comfortably. Even gentle horseback riding is SERIOUS exercise and overheating in the summer months is a real concern.

We recommend thoroughly hydrating prior to your ride. Dehydration on horseback is no fun.

What about in the winter, isn’t it cold?

Yes! But thankfully horses wear wooly coats all over their bodies in the wintertime. As for you, you ought to dress in layers! You don’t want to be sweltering, but you want to be able to stay warm and dry too. Breathable, wicking fabrics are best. Your clothing both top and bottom should be flexible enough for you to move around comfortably on your horse. Don’t wear anything tight or binding.

In the winter, warm boots with low heals are paramount.

Riding gloves are also very helpful so if you have a pair of those, please bring them with you. (Regular street/fashion gloves won’t work, so you don’t need those for your ride.) 

“I’ve ridden before and have my own gear...”

Experienced rider? Awesome! Go ahead and bring your own gear. 

"I have my own tack, should I bring it?"

No, not on your first visit. If you plan to ride regularly, or lease one of our wonderful horses, you should discuss your tack with the barn staff and go from there. Don't worry - We have plenty of tack in all shapes and sizes available for your ride.

Your furry friends - bringing other anmials

"Can I bring my dog? He's a really great dog and won't be any trouble..."

We love animals, but please do not, under any circumstances, bring your dog (or cat, or ferret, or any other pet) with you to Misfit Farm! Unfortunately this isn’t the place for your pup, and to avoid any drama or injury you should leave your furry friend at home. Your dog will NOT be allowed on stable grounds, even on a leash.

Who can ride, and how... 

"I'm a green rider, can I go on an Extreme Trailride or take a Field Lesson?"

If you're a beginning rider, or your skills are rusty, a Misfit Trailride or Field Lesson is not for you. Our trailrides are called "Extreme" Trailrides for a reason, and they're absolutely awesome, but they are physically demanding and challenging rides for skilled riders only. If you're a new rider, or your riding needs a little work to be considered "fluent", then we highly recommend taking some lessons with us! 

"How do you determine if I can go on a trailride?"

For safety reasons, all first time riders will be given a short (10-15 minute) skill evaluation in the ring. If for any reason your trainer/guide determines that you're not ready for a Misfit field-riding experience, then you can continue your ride with an alternate program. There is no shame at all in not being ready for Extreme Trailriding - we want your ride to be as safe and fun as possible, and we will make sure that your ride is still fantastic, whether on the trail or not.

"What ages are allowed to ride at Misfit Farm?" 

We have had riders all the way from age 6 to age 75, but generally speaking our young riders start around 8. There is no "maximum age" for riding, though it is serious exercise and requires physical fitness. ALL riders, regardless of age will have a skill evaluation in the ring before going out on a trailride, so we will sort it out then. If you aren't certain, just ask! 

"I’m really tall/heavy, can I still ride?"

There is no preset weight or height limit for riding at Misfit Farm, but this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis before you get on your horse. Horses are big animals and it’s unlikely that we’ll be unable to find a mount to suit your needs. If you have concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to talk to us about it prior to booking your ride. In the unlikely event that Misfit staff deem it unsafe for you to ride (for any reason, physical or other), you will be issued a full refund immediately.

"Can I just hop on and go? I'm a really good rider..."

No. Misfit Farm is not a “horse rental” facility. All riders, regardless of skill-level will be given a brief evaluation in the ring prior to your ride or lesson. This helps us to make sure that you and your steed are ready for what lies ahead (whatever that may be) and that you’re both safe and secure with each other.

"Can I go out by myself on a trailride?"

No. Misfit Farm's Extreme Trailrides are guided. Field Lessons are just that - advanced riding lessons in the field. A trained member of our staff will accompany all riders, regardless of skill-level.

Electronics & Photos

"Can I bring my camera on a trailride?"

Please don’t. You’re going to need your hands, trust us, and having extra gear to worry about (especially expensive electronics) is not safe or smart. Don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to stop and take a quick cell phone photo if you want to.


"What about my phone?"

Sure, if you need/want to, but we will not provide saddlebags or other containers, so we recommend that if you need to bring a phone you figure out how to stash it on your person in a way that it will not interfere with your riding. Also, if you do bring your phone with you, we recommend that you place it in a ziplock baggie. Sometimes we encounter water on our trailrides, and a wet phone is no fun.

"Can my friend/family take photos of my lesson?"

Sure! There is a comfy spot for your friends and family to sit, right there in the arena, and you're more than welcome to take as many photos or videos as you'd like. Actually, videos and photos can be very helpful when learning to ride, giving you a chance to review your form. We also offer photo and video services for lessons (at an additional charge), so if you want us to shoot your ride for you, just let us know and we'll incorporate this into your lesson.


Payment, refunds, etc. 

"How can I pay?"

You must pay for your ride prior to mounting up.

We accept all major credit cards. There is a 3% processing fee for all transactions over $60. 

We also accept checks - made out to "Misfit Farm".  

Cash is fine too.